Bathroom faucet? Classic style - Palazzani rubinetterie

Choosing a faucet for a new or refurbished bathroom isn’t easy and involves a number of factors. We’ve covered the age-old problem already in this article. However, once past this phase, after having selected the bathroom style and therefore faucet style also, we move to the most fun and imaginative part, choosing the ACTUAL faucet. Whether your style is classic, shabby chic, country or you want to be daring, here are 5 proposals for faucets with a classical and elegant look that are perfect for you.

Palace: elegance and soft shapes

You love the clean and classic design, the graceful curves and practicality. Palace is a single-lever mixer suited for you and your bathroom. It is easily suited for rounded or slightly square sinks and ceramics, it’s easy to clean and ready to be with your for years with its chroming of at least 20 microns.

Good Morning Adams

The classical English faucet line you can see in Adams. It is a classical faucet, whether in the three-hole version for sinks or the wall mounted version, it is a classic faucet that will give you a taste of home, of cleanliness, of elegance at first sight. It is perfect if you have a love of the shabby chic decorative style but it is a style that also goes well contrasting with ultra-modern sink design. Available in finishes from chrome to bronze, from gold to copper.

Wake up in France with Porter

If 18th century France and bohemian have always interested you, Porter will make you fall in love at first sight. With its white and elegant handles, sink or wall mounted, it is good for a bathroom with a French or romantic style, with green plants, Provence lavender scent, and decisive colors.

Want a Retrò faucet?

Its name says it all: Retrò is the faucet that is a reminder of classical faucets from the early 1900s, with its soft and round curves. Wisely mixing in the classically shaped handle with a rounded spout. Available in various finishes, it is a superb choice of style whether used in country bathrooms or contrasting with modern or rough materials such as natural stone.