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12Set 2017

We are glad to invite you at Cersaie 2017 trade show in Bologna in our new Stand. Hall 29 / stand A45.

01Dic 2015
risparmio idrico con acquagreen

Water is a precious resource that must be conserved with care and attention. We can do a lot to save water and safeguard our planet by changing our daily habits and actions.

These actions range from turning off the tap when brushing our teeth to washing vegetables in the sink instead of directly under running water. Let’s see how easy and simple it can be to deal with a challenge that is so important for the environment.

Water, a unique resource to be protected

Most people in the West are fortunate enough to live in countries where running water is not a luxury but the norm, but this should not lead us to use this resource carelessly. Even though public water systems and underground pipes often lose large amounts of water because of their age and bad state of repair, in our own homes we can make our own wise decisions. Here are some tips to help you save water and to make conscious and eco-friendly choices, which will also have positive effects on your water bills.

risparmio idrico con acquagreen

5 rules for saving water

Since we deal with taps we thought it would be a good idea to draw up a short list of helpful tips relating to the proper use of our taps, which can be used to save water every day:

  1. Check regularly to make sure that the taps, faucets and pipes of your home are not leaking. A few leaking washers can mean the loss of litres of water every day. if your faucets are damaged by limescale deposits or wear and tear over the years, you can easily solve the problem by replacing them or by fixing them with some of the spare parts we supply.
  2. Avoid high temperatures when you are in the shower and turn off the flow of water while you are soaping yourself.
  3. Always turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. It is better to simply use a glass of water for washing your toothbrush and for rinsing your mouth after brushing.
  4. For men: when you shave put a little water in the bottom of the sink and use it to rinse your razor. You do not need to continually pass it directly under running water from the tap.
  5. In the kitchen: you do not need to wash vegetables and fruit in constantly running water. It is better to fill the sink or a bowl with water and a little bicarbonate, which is very effective for cleaning and disinfecting vegetables and fruit.

The use of faucet aerators

All of these tips can be greatly enhanced by installing aerators on your taps and showers. These are small devices added to the spout of a faucet, which mix air into the flow of water, thereby reducing its consumption. The jet of water does not seem to be any slower or weaker, and it even seems to be increased, which leads to a much lower overall consumption of water. You can actually reduce the amount of water you use by almost half.

Thanks to the Acquagreen® kit you can easily turn your Palazzani faucet into a perfect device for saving water.

28Nov 2015
multifuction shower made in italy

Once you have found the home of your dreams, resolved all your initial perplexities in choosing the overall style and the furniture for every room, you have to deal with the bathroom where you are faced with the age-old dilemma: a bath or a shower?
This is not just a problem that concerns the amount of space available, above all it’s a question of the different kind of character that distinguishes shower enthusiasts from people who prefer lounging in the bathtub. But we may just have found the perfect solution for everyone: the multifunctional shower.

The multifunctional shower: relaxation and well-being

The shower is normally synonymous with practicality, freshness, instant cleanliness and ease of use, while the bathtub is generally associated with long lazy hours spent relaxing in warm water, perhaps even while reading a good book.
Over the last few years these concepts have however been completely overturned and with the advent of multifunctional and chromotherapy showers the shower has become a genuine means of relaxation, like a miniature beauty farm in the home.

multifuction shower made in italy

There are several types of multi-functional shower and we have created some that are truly outstanding as regards their elegance and design. They do not only feature the usual classic chrome-plated elements, as we have also decided to apply white ceramic, in order to create a unique design with a special visual impact.

Well-being with its roots in history

What is the real use of a multijet shower? One of the most popular treatments that these kinds of showers can provide is certainly the Scottish shower.

This is a very old technique that helps to encourage both microcirculation in the body and the drainage of fluids. It is important both for preventing and treating aesthetic problems such as cellulite, as well as for increasing the user’s energy levels. It consists in a rapid alternation of jets of cold and hot water, the temperature of which is gradually increased, directed onto the parts of the body that one wishes to stimulate or reawaken”.
Thanks to the positioning of the jets in the lumbar and scapular areas of the back, the multifunctional showers of Palazzani represent a wonderfully soothing continuation of this ancient Scottish tradition. The single or double nozzle versions, made of ceramic or with chrome plating, can also be combined with chromotherapy showerheads to create a space for total relaxation and well-being in the comfort of your own home.

30Ott 2015


Paris – IdéoBain – November 2/6 2015

Hall 4 – stand A20
Parc des Expositions, Paris Nord Villepinte

We are glad to invite you at Paris.

06Ott 2015

Quante volte è capitato di avere un unico desiderio: correre a casa e potersi fare una bella doccia!

Se fino agli anni ‘70 del secolo scorso la vasca era immancabile in ogni bagno accompagnata da un doccino manuale, dagli anni ‘80 in poi la doccia è diventata un must have nei bagni di tendenza. Continue reading

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