How to clean the bathroom with naturale products

Bathroom cleaning is essential and should be done with care and attention. An environment which is rich in bacteria, possible hotbed for mould, keeping it clean is important, but it also keeps your fittings shiny for years. How do you reconcile careful cleaning with care for the environment and with care for materials?

Bathroom fixtures: cleaning ceramics

Sink, bathtub, shower base, bidet. Your bathroom fixtures should be clean and shiny but you should take care because even if they are made from materials of the highest quality, as ours are, aggressive detergents can ruin or stain them.

Here is a simple recipe for cleaning bathroom fixtures that you can have in a handy spray container, ready for use:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • 1 cup of apple vinegar
come pulire il bagno con il bicarbonato

Foto credit Dailygreen

Use the baking soda like scouring powder. Dust it over the fixtures and using a sponge or soft brush spread it, using circular motions, over the sink, the bathtub or the shower base and in the toilet. In the latter case you can use the toilet brush itself.

Once every corner of your fixtures has been covered it’s time to rinse away the bicarbonate using the hot water and apple vinegar mix. The fixtures will come up shining, sterilized, clean and scented, and goodbye to limescale.

Faucets: how to clean them ecologically?

Our faucets are guaranteed for 5 years and are products of the highest quality, ready to spend their whole life with you. But detergents such as limescale remover, degreaser, and especially abrasive sponges can ruin them, as well as cause pollution.

The natural and ecological recipe for faucet cleaning is really easy to make:

  • 100 ml apple vinegar
  • 100 ml water

Now it is really simple: take the two ingredients, mix them together, if you want to you can put it in a spray container or pour directly onto a soft sponge and start your faucet cleaning. Let it work for around 10 minutes if there’s a lot of limescale and then dry with a soft microfibre cloth.

Now that there are no more secrets to natural and ecological bathroom cleaning, are you ready to choose Nature shines on your bathroom?