Palazzani, taps made from hands and heart

It easy to carry the label Made in Italy, handmade, created with care. It’s easy because often they are only words. In Palazzani these words take shape and become reality, something
tangible and easy to check.

A family story

For four generations we deal with the production of taps. Through the years the machinery, processes, design have changed and every day we try to follow the innovations and demands
of our customers around the world.

The only thing that has never changed is the passion and care that our workers put in to create and assemble the taps. A process that starts from the arrival of production materials to the quality testing and packaging. All eyes followed by skilled experts and hands over the years
and the experience they learn to every part of the tap, to find even the slightest flaw, to improve every aspect of production to have a very high quality product.

rubinetti palazzani lavorazione made in itlaly

To do a tap it takes … the brass!

Do you believe it is impossible to get excited seeing the brass blocks? In our factory in Casalmorano it happens sometimes. When he gets the brass, and satin ordered tablets, it
seems to see the beautiful boxes of golden chocolates. Those squares are ready to merge and to be molded, to shape designs and studies, to realize what the designer has studied for
months. A big responsibility! And 'from brass that here in Palazzani you start to make a little dream, to give the matter to fantasy and imagination.

rubinetti Palazzani lavorazione ottone made in Italy

The bride technology craftsmanship

In our factory of 17,000 square meters we host art machinery and green technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our production. But the focus of our work is definitely in
the hands and in the commitment of our technicians and workers, in manufacturing, in humanity and in the experience that lies behind every component of our faucets, that are made with technology, design, heart and especially hands.
Knowing how hands holding valves and bolts, control the brass polishing, give life to the plating process, touching piece by piece faucets, govern lathe and wrenches, test the quality of taps before you begin the packaging and the shipments. We often speak of design and
quality of our products but these could not exist without our tap craftsmen.