The chromotherapy shower, your own personal spa

How many times each one of us has had an irresistible urge to run straight home and have a nice refreshing shower!
Until the 1970s a bathtub was seen as the only necessary item for washing in every bathroom, perhaps accompanied by a primitive hand shower, but since the ‘80s the shower has become a must in any modern bathroom.

The shower: convenience and design

Is there any way of washing yourself as practical and easy as a quick shower in the morning when you wake up or straight after sport? This is why the shower, accompanying the changes in our lifestyles, has now supplanted or joined the bathtub in the new range of bathroom furnishings.

But not all showers are the same! It may once have been a rare luxury to have a mixer while most people still had to put their hands into the bath water to check if it was the right temperature, but now we take this convenience for granted.

The world of showers is still constantly changing and it is now becoming another means to attain wellness and health.
And so normal shower heads in chromed steel, either square or round, wall or ceiling mounted, are now being combined with a whole new shower concept: the chromotherapy shower.

The power of colors

The chromotherapy shower used to be the sole prerogative of health spas and luxury hotels, but you can now treat yourself to this pleasure also at home.
To better understand the benefits that a relaxing chromotherapy shower will bring you we will need to take a quick look at the fascinating world of color symbolism.

chromotherapy showerThe practice of color therapy was born in Ancient Egypt with the use of stones, crystals and herbal ointments. Each color was associated with various different beneficial powers and energetic qualities.
In modern chromotherapy, each color is associated with a particular kind of energy:


  • Red represents heat, energy and light, but it has positive as well as negative aspects. On the one hand it is the color of love, while on the other it is the color of fire, passion and anger. This color is generally associated with strength, health, vitality, joy and energy.
  • Orange has a liberating action upon the physical and mental functions and it acts to integrate and distribute energy, inducing serenity, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, joie de vivre, optimism, positive feelings, a healthy approach to work, as well as a all-round synergy between the body and the mind.
  • Yellow is associated with the left side of the brain and is considered a protective and concrete color that can ground those who are very open or creative, helping them to order their ides and priorities. It is associated with happiness, wisdom and imagination, and always puts you in a good mood.
  • Green is the most fundamental color of nature. It stands for harmony, hope, peace and renewal. It is a relaxing and neutral color, which encourages objective reflection, calmness, and well balanced concentration.
  • Blue is a calming and refreshing color. It has a calming and moderating influence on the mind and body, and helps people to forget their everyday worries and problems.

Just imagine the difference in energy level that there must be between a normal shower and chromotherapy shower. This is certainly an enjoyable experience that is well worth having!