How to make the most of a long narrow bathroom - Palazzani rubinetterie

A long narrow bathroom is often considered as a problem but instead it should be seen as an opportunity. In fact if you choose the right combination of furnishings and fittings it can be a very convenient layout for a bathroom which saves space in the other rooms of the house.

A long and narrow bathroom, what kind of washbasin should you choose?

The washbasin in this particular type of bathroom must have an elongated rectangular shape. Our TAB model would be perfect but also the Kubik or Erre models. The elongated rectangular conformation of these basins as well as the ability to place them on a stand or surface make them ideal if your bathroom is long and narrow.
Top-mounted or countertop
washbasins are preferable because in this way you can strategically use the space under the sink. Whether you use the top of a cabinet as a support, or a simple table top, with the space below filled in with shelves, a countertop washbasin will in any case leave you all the space and freedom you need.

lavandino per bagno lungo e stretto


The eternal dilemma: a bath or a shower?

It is difficult often to include both a bath and a shower in a long and narrow bathroom. You will therefore probablyneed to choose one or the other according to your own personal tastes, but please bear in mind that the most important thing is their positioning. There is very often only one window in a long bathroom, in the wall at thenarrow end of the room, and this is the perfect location for a bath or a shower. You must always make sure it is easy to open the window, so that moisture in the room can evaporate and so that daylight can enter, especially if you have chosen to use clear shower glass panels

Tiles: perfect for creating an impression of space

When installing tilings and wall cladding in a long narrow bathroom you can play with their arrangement. Create strips of tilings running along the length of the bathroom to increase the optical perception of depth and space. Choose light colors to further enhance the sense of space and mix them with contrasting colors to create exciting and fun visual effects. But avoid combining too many different colors and textures as this can reduce thesense of space.