10 ideas to transform your bathroom into a small Spa

After a long day at work one would ideally go to a SPA to recharge the body and mind. But who among us can afford to do this every day? One solution would be to recreate a mini wellbeing salon, cozy and relaxing, right in your own bathroom, however big or small it may be.

Things don’t need to be turned upside down in order to bring the feeling of snugness and relaxation that a thermal bath can give. If you already have a multifunction shower or a cozy and elegant bathtub you’re halfway there. Add some of our suggestions and your oasis of relaxation will be ready.

10 idee per creare una spa nel bagno

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The color palette that you choose for your bathroom is essential in creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Most wellness centers tend to embrace the “less is more” philosophy, that is to say a minimalist style, in order to provide a serene and restful appearance to the room.

What color should you choose to achieve this result? Colors inspired by nature, such as brown, grey, green, to give your bathroom a natural feel with a calming effect. However, if you have a small or windowless bathroom then aiming for bright and natural colors would be even better: beige, bright pale green, for example, can bring about a sense of calm, as well as creating a sensation of more space in your small bathroom.


Cold lights should be completely avoided, as these give a white tone that has a more “hospital” effect, aim instead for warm tones which tend towards yellow. Nowadays, with energy saving light bulbs, it is even easier to choose the right tone as well as keep an eye on saving money. Choose wall lamps that are positioned to provide diffused light rather than the direct light from a single lamp in the center of the bathroom. Sconces, flush mount lights and candles would be suitable.


Wood flooring is ideal for warmth and makes you want to go barefoot, just like at a spa. But you can’t always put parquet flooring in a bathroom. What to do then? A solution would be to consider purchasing wood panels for the shower, for example. Nowadays it is very easy to find tiles that look just like wood and give a welcoming and natural feel.


Clutter, especially in a small bathroom, doesn’t relax you, quite the opposite. How do we keep our bathroom in order and not go without the things we need for our daily bathroom routine? Cotton balls, make up remover, creams, shaving creams and razors… the list is long. A nice solution is jars and boxes: choose them to match your bathroom colors and to perfectly suit your own style. They’ll become items of decoration and as well as keeping your bathroom tidy, they’ll make cleaning easier.

trasformare il bagno in una SPA

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Small bathtub

Unable to decide between a bathtub or shower, or even just not enough room for a large bathtub? Think zen and choose a small sized Japanese style bathtub. Combine it with a designer shower and handset and accessories to make it really comfortable and cozy and that’s that!

Multifunction shower

If you are a shower lover then it is worth your while to choose a nice multifunction or chromotherapy shower. Perfect even in a small bathroom, choose to embellish it with a glass wall that will make the space look even bigger and give a clean and designer finishing touch that will never get old.

Head towel rails

A lovely hot bath, a relaxing shower, then dry off with a cold towel? Heated towel rails are for you, very useful in heating towels and keeping them tidy. They decorate, warm, take up less space than a normal heating radiator and are easily integrated into any bathroom thanks to their various shapes and sizes.


Essential oils are key to scenting your bathroom and really make it a little spa. Unsure which to choose from? You can also find inspiration in this article, and remember that the scent should differ according to the time of day and the results you are looking for: energizing, relaxing or seductive. To each their own.


We have already spoken about lighting but nothing has a more relaxing effect than a candle. Choose small candles with transparent candle holders that have shapes and forms inspired by nature. Keep them always at a safe distance from yourselves and your children or pets and enjoy your half hour of relaxation.


Music is essential in creating a spa atmosphere. Thanks to smartphones it is possible nowadays to use small speakers to create the sound quality of a proper stereo system. These new speakers take up a few centimeters of space and thanks to the infinite musical choices that the net can provide, it is easy to find a relaxing or energizing playlist to suit your own needs.