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The pleasure of having a shower at just the right temperature is priceless. But how many times you have been unable to regulate your mixer tap, and suffered being doused with jets of water that was either freezing or boiling, which turned what you had hoped would be a moment of relaxation into a losing battle with your mixer tap?

Temperature fluctuations in the shower

First of all let’s just point out that the “right” temperature for a shower is a very subjective factor. Most people like their water to be at body temperature, around 36°C. This usually goes up a few degrees in the winter to reach 38°C and it decreases during the hottest months, going down to 34°C or below.

Temperatures of above 40°C may cause some minor damage to the skin but also excessively lower the blood pressure of people who suffer from hypotension. A very simple system is now available, which is specially designed to overcome any difficulties in regulating the pressure and temperature of your shower water, so that you can have it at the perfect temperature.


A conditioning system for water

So how can you get the water at the right temperature without suffering the annoying whims of your boiler or immersion heater?

At Palazzani we have created Acqua Clima, as a genuine conditioning system for your shower.

It is easily installed, just like a normal mixer tap, and it keeps the water at whatever temperature you set it to.

Acqua Clima has several security systems:

  •  a device that stops the shower water from exceeding 38° centigrade so that burns are no longer a problem
  •  an anti burn system that is activated in the event that the supply of cold water stops for any reason

Acqua Clima is guaranteed, safe and environmentally friendly! There will be no more wasting of gallons of water while you try to regulate the temperature. You will also save on your water heating bills, while you enjoy the comfort and convenience of turning on the water and getting straight into the shower without having to test the temperature with your foot or hand before you get in.

Acqua Clima also leaves room for your imagination

If you have an Acqua Clima water conditioner installed you can experiment with different temperatures and types of shower, creating a whole ritual of well-being in your own bathroom:

  • cold shower: around 24/27 degrees. Perfect for stimulating the circulation in the morning. Your muscles will be energized by this sensation of freshness, but it is best not to prolong the shower for more than 2 or 3 minutes.
  •  lukewarm shower: between 25 and 30 degrees. Perfect for a relaxing effect before you go to bed at night.
  • hot shower: between 30 and 37 degrees. This type of shower is very relaxing for your muscles and for releasing the tensions of a long day’s work and a sports session.
  • Scottish shower. Thanks to Acqua Clima it is easy for you to have a Scottish shower by manuall switching from hot to cold settings every 30 seconds, for a toning and invigorating effect.
  • Japanese shower. Are you keen on the healthy practices of the far East? Put a towel on your shoulders so that the water does not strike your body directly. In this way the water will flow gently from the towel onto your body to produce a highly relaxing sensation.

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