Italian design by Palazzani at the Radisson Blu Hotel Ajaccio

The official tourist website of Corsica lists 10 good reasons to visit the country. The first of these is “because the weather is always fine”, due to the exceptional Mediterranean climate, with 300 days of sunshine a year.

Between the sea, sky and mountains

The island is very well connected to the Italian mainland by sea and by air, with ferries and fights on a daily basis, and you can practice a whole range of outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, sailing, mountaineering and swimming, in the most diverse natural surroundings.

Corsica also hosts numerous music festivals catering for every taste, including rock, swing and jazz, and a variety of other attractive cultural events are held there during the year. We want to give you yet another reason for going to this fascinating and beautiful island, a reason located in the bay of Ajaccio.


The name Ajaccio derives from the ancient Greek word “Agation” (good harbour). Located in the southernmost part of the gulf with the same name it has been a cultural destination for tourists for many centuries. This was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and it is often considered as the most French of all the cities in Corsica, although the old town has a more Italian atmosphere, with Genoese and Sardinian elements.

Until June all of the heady scents of Mediterranean scrubland, with hints of lavender, thyme and mint, waft down from the hills into the city, where they mingle with those of the sea and the wind.

Taps and bathroom fittings by Palazzani at the Radisson Blu Hotel

The Hotel Radison Blu Resort & Spa, stands in a splendid location on Ajaccio Bay. The colours of the sea pervades the rooms and the far edge of the outdoor swimming pool merges directly with the blue sea beyond.

At Palazzani we are proud to have been selected to provide the taps and bathroom fittings of this hotel within easy walking distance of Agosta Beach and the sea, where calm and peace reign supreme and where you can be rejuvenated and revitalized by a long weekend, on the beach and in the Hotel’s luxurious spa facilities.

With breakfasts immersed in the scents of sea-salt and myrtle and romantic dinners with a view overlooking the sea, everything seems to be possible in this enchanting location that, thanks to our taps and fittings, now has a bit of added Made in Italy style that will make your holiday experience even more unique and unforgettable.