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08Mag 2017

Choosing a faucet for a new or refurbished bathroom isn’t easy and involves a number of factors. We’ve covered the age-old problem already in this article. However, once past this phase, after having selected the bathroom style and therefore faucet style also, we move to the most fun and imaginative part, choosing the ACTUAL faucet. Whether your style is classic, shabby chic, country or you want to be daring, here are 5 proposals for faucets with a classical and elegant look that are perfect for you.

Palace: elegance and soft shapes

You love the clean and classic design, the graceful curves and practicality. Palace is a single-lever mixer suited for you and your bathroom. It is easily suited for rounded or slightly square sinks and ceramics, it’s easy to clean and ready to be with your for years with its chroming of at least 20 microns.

Good Morning Adams

The classical English faucet line you can see in Adams. It is a classical faucet, whether in the three-hole version for sinks or the wall mounted version, it is a classic faucet that will give you a taste of home, of cleanliness, of elegance at first sight. It is perfect if you have a love of the shabby chic decorative style but it is a style that also goes well contrasting with ultra-modern sink design. Available in finishes from chrome to bronze, from gold to copper.

Wake up in France with Porter

If 18th century France and bohemian have always interested you, Porter will make you fall in love at first sight. With its white and elegant handles, sink or wall mounted, it is good for a bathroom with a French or romantic style, with green plants, Provence lavender scent, and decisive colors.

Want a Retrò faucet?

Its name says it all: Retrò is the faucet that is a reminder of classical faucets from the early 1900s, with its soft and round curves. Wisely mixing in the classically shaped handle with a rounded spout. Available in various finishes, it is a superb choice of style whether used in country bathrooms or contrasting with modern or rough materials such as natural stone.

08Mag 2017

Bathroom cleaning is essential and should be done with care and attention. An environment which is rich in bacteria, possible hotbed for mould, keeping it clean is important, but it also keeps your fittings shiny for years. How do you reconcile careful cleaning with care for the environment and with care for materials?

Bathroom fixtures: cleaning ceramics

Sink, bathtub, shower base, bidet. Your bathroom fixtures should be clean and shiny but you should take care because even if they are made from materials of the highest quality, as ours are, aggressive detergents can ruin or stain them.

Here is a simple recipe for cleaning bathroom fixtures that you can have in a handy spray container, ready for use:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • 1 cup of apple vinegar
come pulire il bagno con il bicarbonato

Foto credit Dailygreen

Use the baking soda like scouring powder. Dust it over the fixtures and using a sponge or soft brush spread it, using circular motions, over the sink, the bathtub or the shower base and in the toilet. In the latter case you can use the toilet brush itself.

Once every corner of your fixtures has been covered it’s time to rinse away the bicarbonate using the hot water and apple vinegar mix. The fixtures will come up shining, sterilized, clean and scented, and goodbye to limescale.

Faucets: how to clean them ecologically?

Our faucets are guaranteed for 5 years and are products of the highest quality, ready to spend their whole life with you. But detergents such as limescale remover, degreaser, and especially abrasive sponges can ruin them, as well as cause pollution.

The natural and ecological recipe for faucet cleaning is really easy to make:

  • 100 ml apple vinegar
  • 100 ml water

Now it is really simple: take the two ingredients, mix them together, if you want to you can put it in a spray container or pour directly onto a soft sponge and start your faucet cleaning. Let it work for around 10 minutes if there’s a lot of limescale and then dry with a soft microfibre cloth.

Now that there are no more secrets to natural and ecological bathroom cleaning, are you ready to choose Nature shines on your bathroom?

08Mag 2017
come arredare un bagno moderno Palazzani rubinetterie

We’ve spoken about classical and stylish bathrooms in this article but do you prefer a modern bathroom? We tell you which mistakes not to make and which guidelines to follow in furnishing a modern bathroom, rich in style and class.

Modern bathroom: which colors?

When you find yourself furnishing or refurbishing a bathroom in a modern style there are a thousand details to take into account. Which tiles to choose? Which fittings would be best? Which faucets would give a “wow” effect when our guests walk in? Whether it’s a small or a very big bathroom, there is wisdom and there are suggestions to follow, if modern style and design is your passion.

  1. No to dark colors: total black and dark brown have become obsolete and aren’t very suitable with this year’s trends. Bright colors, total white, pale colors from sand to clay. They bring nature and cleanliness to mind.
  2. Hanging fixtures: if your bathroom is modern and your pluming allows choose hanging fixtures. They are more elegant, modern and impressive as well as being more practical.
  3. Designer faucets: with our linea Design you’ve an embarrassment of choice! Choose your preferred faucet in a chrome finish that lends even more light and class to your modern bathroom!
  4. Clean lines: from faucet to shelves, undersink cabinets to accessories. Less is more. Decisive and clean lines, no swirls, no to curls and overly contorted shapes.
  5. Bright or mosaic tiles: a proper return to bathrooms from the 60s and 70s with white shiny rectangular tiling or opaque mosaic walls, tone-on-tone or contrasting colors.
  1. come arredare un bagno moderno Palazzani rubinetterie #3

A guide to choosing a faucet for the modern bathroom

You’ve found out that it is the year of white and natural colors, you can therefore be bolder with your choice of faucet for this modern style.

In our Design line we have varied choices for a modern bathroom, find them with us.

  • MIS: soft but decisive lines, in several versions including long spout and wall attachment. MIS has several finishes, including colored with the MIS Color version but in this case we suggest classic chrome for an even cleaner effect.
  • Click: design by Antonio Bullo, unique and unmistakable shape, basic capturing lines.
  • Idrotech: a modern classic great. Its round and soft shape is perfect when put together with a sink with modern and decisive lines.
26Apr 2017

If you are having to contend with a small house and bathroom you know what we mean when we say “space saving”. The bathroom is one of a house’s essential and indispensable areas, optimizing and organizing its space is essential, especially if there’s not much of it. Here are some ideas and advice to make your little bathroom become a tidy little jewel box.

When there isn’t enough room

It’s not just a question of meters or, as in this case, centimeters. The smallest house in the world is 92cm long. Yes, you read it right, centimeters. Compared to that measurement your 1m x 3m bathroom should be seen under a different light.

Whether your bathroom has a square or rectangular floor is of little difference, here are the tricks you can use to make the most efficient use of your space and have a classy modern bathroom.

Foto credits

Foto credits

  • choose transparent materials that give a sense of freedom: in a small bathroom, glass and mirrors are mandatory
  • use fixtures that are wall hung, not just the main units. Toilet roll holders, shelving, lights should leave free space and be removed from the floor surface.
  • place the sink in a corner: choose a small one such as Digit. This way you can have a designer bathroom but you’ll also save some space along its length.


  • have a shower instead of a bathtub: there are more varied sizes and you can have a spa at home if you choose a chromotherapy shower, even in a small space.
  • heating: heating fixtures that can be used as towel racks are perfect for a small bathroom as they serve two purposes
  • decisive colors: total black or white, a small bathroom doesn’t need half-measures or prints because they could make it seem smaller
  • designer taps: in a small bathroom it is better to choose small size taps from a modern range, such as Mimo

We are certain that by following our recommendations your small bathroom will be practical and functional without losing the touch of class every bathroom deserves.

26Apr 2017
Vasca da bagno freestanding Palazzani

When it comes to the bathroom, the world has been divided into two factions since forever: bathtub or shower. In the last few years, the shower has become more and more popular. More practical, more eco-friendly, it takes up less space. But bathtub aficionados still exist. Let’s find out together the pros and cons of this fixture.

A brief history of the bathtub

The bathtub is, together with the sink, the oldest element that still inhabits our bathrooms. The Greeks and the Romans already used bathtubs but, at the time, they could weigh up to 25 kg! Not very practical nor easy to use then, and even harder to keep clean. The wooden bathtub became popular in the Middle Ages, but it can be found still today in many bathrooms in the Middle East.

We now have bathtubs with different shapes and materials, from ceramic to wood, from Corian®, like our Avi, to glass. In addition to the materials, nowadays the shapes vary as well: rectangular, square, round or angular. There’s almost no end to imagination when it comes to bathtubs.

Why choose a bathtub

One of the pros of the bathtub is definitely the relaxation. There are only few things that can replace a nice hot bath, perhaps accompanied by a good book and a couple of scented candles. The bathtub even offers some non-negligible benefits for our health:

  • soaking for an extended amount of time in hot water causes the pores to dilate and promotes the absorption of the cosmetic products that are applied after the bath, but also of those that have been dissolved in the water.

  • the contact with water is less aggressive compared with the shower

  • muscles relax thanks to the heat and tensions release

  • we can spend half an hour relaxing and taking care of ourselves with no interruptions

    candele profumate per la vasca da bagno

When to favor the shower over the bathtub

The bathtub is definitely more suitable for a spacious bathroom that has a window. Small, windowless bathrooms can house roomy and multi-functional showers, even a nice chromatic shower, but the luxury of the bathtub is not advised for this type of bathrooms.

Cleaning a bathtub takes more time compared to a shower and using the right products, especially for bathtubs made with synthetic materials, is necessary.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, soaking in a bathtub full of warm water can cause unpleasant drops in blood pressure.

What kind of bathtub is the most suitable for my bathroom?

pro e contro della vasca da bagno

Now that all the doubts have been cleared up, you’ve made your choice, you want a bathtub in your bathroom. Yes, but which one? For a long and narrow bathroom, you can pick a rectangular bathtub to put along the wall, or a small square one to put under the window.

Are you lucky enough to have a large, square bathroom? Then a nice angular bathtub could be the one for you, or you could be even more daring. Choose a free-standing bathtub like our Avi. Our bathtub is made of Corian® and glass, it combines a unique design with unique features:

  • an inclined backrest to relax your back as best as possible

  • a sliding book-stand on which you can set down whatever you need to relax: a scented candle, a glass of wine or an essential oil

What kind of faucets and fittings can you match it with? Avi has sharp and modern lines, but very elegant. The perfect faucet for it is Track, in the free-standing version, just like we picked for our Cersaie stand.



26Apr 2017
come trasformare il bagno in una SPA

After a long day at work one would ideally go to a SPA to recharge the body and mind. But who among us can afford to do this every day? One solution would be to recreate a mini wellbeing salon, cozy and relaxing, right in your own bathroom, however big or small it may be.

Things don’t need to be turned upside down in order to bring the feeling of snugness and relaxation that a thermal bath can give. If you already have a multifunction shower or a cozy and elegant bathtub you’re halfway there. Add some of our suggestions and your oasis of relaxation will be ready.

10 idee per creare una spa nel bagno

Photo credit Modern Home Decorating Magazine Trendir


The color palette that you choose for your bathroom is essential in creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Most wellness centers tend to embrace the “less is more” philosophy, that is to say a minimalist style, in order to provide a serene and restful appearance to the room.

What color should you choose to achieve this result? Colors inspired by nature, such as brown, grey, green, to give your bathroom a natural feel with a calming effect. However, if you have a small or windowless bathroom then aiming for bright and natural colors would be even better: beige, bright pale green, for example, can bring about a sense of calm, as well as creating a sensation of more space in your small bathroom.


Cold lights should be completely avoided, as these give a white tone that has a more “hospital” effect, aim instead for warm tones which tend towards yellow. Nowadays, with energy saving light bulbs, it is even easier to choose the right tone as well as keep an eye on saving money. Choose wall lamps that are positioned to provide diffused light rather than the direct light from a single lamp in the center of the bathroom. Sconces, flush mount lights and candles would be suitable.


Wood flooring is ideal for warmth and makes you want to go barefoot, just like at a spa. But you can’t always put parquet flooring in a bathroom. What to do then? A solution would be to consider purchasing wood panels for the shower, for example. Nowadays it is very easy to find tiles that look just like wood and give a welcoming and natural feel.


Clutter, especially in a small bathroom, doesn’t relax you, quite the opposite. How do we keep our bathroom in order and not go without the things we need for our daily bathroom routine? Cotton balls, make up remover, creams, shaving creams and razors… the list is long. A nice solution is jars and boxes: choose them to match your bathroom colors and to perfectly suit your own style. They’ll become items of decoration and as well as keeping your bathroom tidy, they’ll make cleaning easier.

trasformare il bagno in una SPA

Photo credit The 11 best bathroom

Small bathtub

Unable to decide between a bathtub or shower, or even just not enough room for a large bathtub? Think zen and choose a small sized Japanese style bathtub. Combine it with a designer shower and handset and accessories to make it really comfortable and cozy and that’s that!

Multifunction shower

If you are a shower lover then it is worth your while to choose a nice multifunction or chromotherapy shower. Perfect even in a small bathroom, choose to embellish it with a glass wall that will make the space look even bigger and give a clean and designer finishing touch that will never get old.

Head towel rails

A lovely hot bath, a relaxing shower, then dry off with a cold towel? Heated towel rails are for you, very useful in heating towels and keeping them tidy. They decorate, warm, take up less space than a normal heating radiator and are easily integrated into any bathroom thanks to their various shapes and sizes.


Essential oils are key to scenting your bathroom and really make it a little spa. Unsure which to choose from? You can also find inspiration in this article, and remember that the scent should differ according to the time of day and the results you are looking for: energizing, relaxing or seductive. To each their own.


We have already spoken about lighting but nothing has a more relaxing effect than a candle. Choose small candles with transparent candle holders that have shapes and forms inspired by nature. Keep them always at a safe distance from yourselves and your children or pets and enjoy your half hour of relaxation.


Music is essential in creating a spa atmosphere. Thanks to smartphones it is possible nowadays to use small speakers to create the sound quality of a proper stereo system. These new speakers take up a few centimeters of space and thanks to the infinite musical choices that the net can provide, it is easy to find a relaxing or energizing playlist to suit your own needs.

26Apr 2017

When planning or renovating a bathroom there’s an essential choice than needs to be made, both at the aesthetic and functional level. Wall-mounted or free-standing sanitary fixtures? Thanks to the evolution of design, the selection is very wide and deciding what to pick is getting harder and harder.

Choosing sanitary fixtures does not depend solely on taste and aesthetic, but also on the characteristics and the shape of the bathroom.

Wall-mounted or free-standing sanitary fixtures: which ones to pick and why

The sanitary fixtures, unlike the other elements of the bathroom, need to be selected when planning the bathroom because the plumbing needs to be adjusted accordingly. This is easier for new bathrooms, while in case of old bathrooms that need to be renovated, the choice will be a bit forced so picking free-standing fixtures might be the only possibility.

Free-standing sanitary fixtures: characteristics, strong and weak points

The free-standing sanitary fixtures are and have always been the most common. The reason is simple: most of the houses that have not been built recently have floor plumbing. In this case, the choice is obvious and it is often impossible to modify the plumbing to fit a wall-mounted fixture. One of the strong points of free-standing fixtures is that they are very common so plumbers and construction workers won’t have any trouble installing them.

A disadvantage of free-standing fixtures is that they take up space, more than wall-mounted ones, and they make the cleaning process a little harder since the wall is so close.

Wall-mounted sanitary fixtures: why choose them

In newly built bathrooms, finding plumbing suitable for wall-mounted fixtures is easy. Nice-looking and designer, they often go well with a modern and minimalist décor. They offer many advantages, the first of which is definitely the practicality. With wall-mounted fixtures, cleaning is easier and they are also quieter since the plumbing is in the wall and not the floor.

On the other hand, wall-mounted fixtures require a wall mount (that needs to be at least 12 cm) and often the installation of a fake wall, that can support the weight that is placed on toilets and bidets.

Toilets and bidets: the best models

Now that you know everything about wall-mounted and free-standing sanitary fixtures, it’s time to pick!

Kapa is a line of free-standing fixtures both innovative and surprising. They suit even small bathrooms and they are practical and time-less.

KAPA sanitari a terra

Lap has modern and rounded lines, soft and clean. If you have a modern bathroom, it’s the free-standing fixture perfect for you.

LAP sanitari a terra
Pal stands out among the wall-mounted fixtures due to its squared shape. All the convenience of wall-mounted fixtures, with a time-less design.

PAL sanitari sospesi


24Feb 2017

See you in Frankfurt at our new stand in Hall 4.1 – Stand H95.

13Gen 2017

Our booth at Kbis of Orlando, Florida, United States.

13Gen 2017

Our booth at Kbis of Orlando, Florida, United States.