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13Gen 2017

Our booth at Kbis of Orlando, Florida, United States.

13Gen 2017

Our booth at Kbis of Orlando, Florida, United States.

13Gen 2017

Il nostro stand alla KBIS di Orlando, Florida, Stati Uniti.

14Dic 2016
come scegliere il rubinetto per la cucina

Care and consideration should be taken when choosing a kitchen mixer faucet. Think on how many times the kitchen sink faucet is opened and closed while you cook. You can’t count the times, right? When your hands are covered in flour, while holding the pasta strainer or a saucepan. Let’s take a look at how to make the best choice for your kitchen.

Mixer or classic faucet?

Is your kitchen’s style classic and shabby or is it more modern and linear? In this case it doesn’t really matter. There are beautiful faucets and mixers that can easily suit your style, such as Adams or Track. The question you should be asking is: which of the two would be handier for my kitchen?

A mixer can be conveniently opened, even with your hands full, using just a light touch.


Pull-down or fixed sprayer?

If you have a wide and deep sink you can choose a mixer with pull-down sprayer. It’s very convenient when washing vegetables or cleaning the kitchen and allows you to move it around as you please. However, a fixed mixer is ideal for a double sink, for example, because it can be easily swung for use in either sink. Before making a choice here too, you should consider how you cook and how you normally move around in your kitchen.

Chrome or color?

This is a totally personal issue that has little to do with functionality. Our faucets are all made out of materials and chroming that are durable, whether polished or satin, chrome or colored. Cleaning is a simple matter of using non-corrosive cleaners and a soft non-abrasive sponge or you can follow advice on ecological and unaggressive cleaning.

come scegliere il rubinetto per la cucina

Has our advice been useful? We hope so, and we give one last piece of advice: when visiting your vendor and choosing your kitchen faucets, pretend to be cooking, go over the movements you would make in your kitchen, from washing vegetables to washing your hands. This is the only way you will get a quick feel for your ideal faucet.

14Dic 2016
Lavandino o lavabo?

If you find yourself furnishing or refurbishing the house in Italy, you will have been met with an array of names for a feature, which from the 3rd century BC has been equally fundamental for the bathroom as well as the kitchen: the sink.

Originally it was a simple fixed bowl without a drainage hole or a tap. It was equally used both for washing people as well as religious rites and rituals. It is these purification rituals, which give rise to one of the first definitions: lavabo.

Where does the lavabo come from?

The word lavabo is Latin and more specifically derives from a phrase recited during mass in the moment of actually washing the hands. Lavabo inter innocentes manus meas et circumdabo altare tuum, Domine (“I shall wash my hands in innocence, And I will go about your altar, O Lord”, this quotation can be found in Psalm 26:6). When this phrase was spoken during the ceremony, a sink would emerge for the priest to wash his hands.

In the Middle Ages sinks were called hand-washers or washstands. In that time, they were portable and made in copper, and bronze. For wealthier clients they could be made of gold and with gemstones.

However, it wasn’t until the 1900’s that the sink we are familiar with took hold in houses, and not only for the nobility but the new bourgeoisie too. Until that point, the concept of hygiene was still far from being part of everyday life. Actual awareness campaigns were thus carried out in schools and hospitals. Today, we could term them as public service announcements.

The aim was to convince even the most reticent of the importance of washing, especially to prevent the spread of diseases and viruses, not as purely a social or aesthetic matter.

Palazzani ambientazioni varie

Who can forget the word acquaio?

Knowing that Italian is rich in modulations, we certainly couldn’t use just one definition for an object that can be found in the bathroom or the kitchen.

The ceramic washbasin was normally called acquaio. It was placed in the bathroom and used for personal hygiene.

Lavello (kitchen sink) and acquaio (the word is now in disuse yet we all remember it from our schooldays when it was used to teach the correct use of “cq”) are found in the kitchen and used to clean fruit and vegetables, foods and dishes.

The Anglo-Saxons are much more practical than us and to avoid confusion they distinguish sink from washbasin. Sink is the kitchen sink, what we call lavello, while washbasin is our bathroom sink. From the Anglo-Saxon world also comes the definition of tap in English, which are now increasingly rare due to mixer taps. English taps are those where hot and cold water are kept separate like our beautiful Porter


14Dic 2016

A nice hot bath or shower can turn into a proper healing session. How? Thanks to essential oils. Selecting the right oil can actually remedy several ailments: from a headache to a cold, from stress to insomnia. Not all essential oils can do the job though, let’s have a look at which ones to choose.

Essential oils, what they are

Essential oils are liquids that are extracted and refined from aromatic plants. They exist in the flower, skin, and leaves and aren’t really oils as we would normally consider. Why do they have an effect on our mood or wellbeing? Because, through direct inhalation, the scented molecules reach our brain. They can then trigger more, or less, pleasurable sensations, depending on the essential oil’s actual aroma.

An essential oil’s aroma can be activated in several ways:

  • air diffusion
  • aromatic baths
  • vaporizing
  • saunas

When bathing at home the more practical options are air diffusion or aromatic bath.

By using a ceramic or glass diffuser with a candle, the essential oil releases an aroma that spreads around the bathroom and also creates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere thanks to the light from the candle. It is also perfect for those who prefer to shower or don’t have a bathtub they can use.

An aromatic bath makes the essence linger for longer on the skin and allows further enjoyment of the perks of having a bath

oli essenziali per il bagno

An essential oil for every ailment

There’s an essential oil for almost every ailment and circumstance and the list is almost endless. How to get the most out of your healing session? If you choose a bath then fill the tub with hot water around 36/38 degrees. If you have a thermostatic mixer such as

Acqua Clima then this won’t be a problem, otherwise use a thermometer. Heat is important for releasing all the oil’s beneficial essence. In a spoonful of vegetable oil (almond oil for example) dissolve 5/6 drops of the essential oil you require:

  • relaxing: there are many essential oil with relaxing properties. Lavender, camomile, mandarin, geranium, orange or rose are the easiest to find. You can even mix them up and make a unique fragrance that reflects you
  • energizing: a hard day done and a big evening still ahead. A nice energizing bath is ideal. Use grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus or rosemary.
  • recovering: after a workout or a day on your feet you will definitely need cypress essential oil. It also works really well against cellulite because it has a toning effect on microcirculation.
  • against insomnia: struggle to fall asleep and wake up frequently at night? Essential oil of marjoram can race to your aid.

The same oils can be used in a diffuser while having a lovely shower, maybe take a longer one and take in more of those aromas and properties from these partners to our wellbeing.

13Dic 2016
come arredare il bagno con le piante

We know that not everybody has green fingers, but thanks to these handy tips even those who have less of a talent for gardening can finally decorate their bathroom, which is certainly one of the most important rooms in the house, with plants.

A new design trend: an explosion of greenery

Over the last few few years, thanks to Pinterest and many blogs dedicated to home décor and bathrooms, it has become easy to have access to see a wide range of pictures of bathrooms all around the world and to get ideas and inspiration from them. A striking feature that crops up is the frequent use of house plants as decorative elements.

come arredare il bagno con le piante

Putting plants in the bathroom is a great choice, as they are attractive and ornamental and they give a fresh atmosphere to the room, making it look well cared for and rather sophisticated. But not all plants are very suitable for a damp bathroom environment, where moisture and water vapour is constantly released from the shower and the bathtub.

Which plants are suitable for the bathroom?

Whether you want a wild jungle effect or you choose to have a more refined and minimalistic look, some plants are much better suited for putting in the bathroom:

  • Ficus: Have you ever thought how nice a small indoor ficus tree would look in the bathroom? As this is a plant with tropical origins it is perfect for a warm and moist bathroom environment. In addition, if it is combined with décor in a colonial style you can obtain a look reminiscent of movies such as “Out of Africa” and that is sure to make a big impression.

  • Fern: If they are not allowed to grow to a unmanageable size ferns are perfect for adorning bathroomshelves and for placing on top of cabinets.

  • come arredare il bagno con le piantePhilodendron: If you have a small bathroom a philodendron may not be the best option, as its broad leaves can occupy a lot of space. But if you have a large enough bathroom and if you want to create the effect of a “full immersion in nature” it is the perfect solution.
  • Ivy: This is a perfect choice of plant even for a smaller bathroom and it creates an attractive vintagebelle époque atmosphere. You can hang ivy from the ceiling or even use it as a sort of curtain by hanging it in front of a window where it will also get all the daylight it needs
  • Aloe vera: If you like a minimalist style and simple forms then an aloe vera plant is what you need for your bathroom. You can also put them in little jars and attach them to the wall where they will look likenatural artworks.
  • come arredare il bagno con le pianteCacti: Who can fail to love succulent plants and cacti? They are perfect for the bathroom and require minimal maintenance. But if they are particularly spiny and prickly you will of course have to be careful to place them out of the way in the nooks and crannies of the room because no one would want to bump into them getting out of the shower!

    Orchids: The humidity of the bathroom is perfect for orchids but you must care for them very well, asthey are much more delicate plants than the others on our list. An orchid will give your bathroom an oriental or Japanese look, and it is perfect for a setting with dark tiles, simple shapes and clear lines.

13Dic 2016
lavandino per bagno lungo e stretto

A long narrow bathroom is often considered as a problem but instead it should be seen as an opportunity. In fact if you choose the right combination of furnishings and fittings it can be a very convenient layout for a bathroom which saves space in the other rooms of the house.

A long and narrow bathroom, what kind of washbasin should you choose?

The washbasin in this particular type of bathroom must have an elongated rectangular shape. Our TAB model would be perfect but also the Kubik or Erre models. The elongated rectangular conformation of these basins as well as the ability to place them on a stand or surface make them ideal if your bathroom is long and narrow.
Top-mounted or countertop
washbasins are preferable because in this way you can strategically use the space under the sink. Whether you use the top of a cabinet as a support, or a simple table top, with the space below filled in with shelves, a countertop washbasin will in any case leave you all the space and freedom you need.

lavandino per bagno lungo e stretto


The eternal dilemma: a bath or a shower?

It is difficult often to include both a bath and a shower in a long and narrow bathroom. You will therefore probablyneed to choose one or the other according to your own personal tastes, but please bear in mind that the most important thing is their positioning. There is very often only one window in a long bathroom, in the wall at thenarrow end of the room, and this is the perfect location for a bath or a shower. You must always make sure it is easy to open the window, so that moisture in the room can evaporate and so that daylight can enter, especially if you have chosen to use clear shower glass panels

Tiles: perfect for creating an impression of space

When installing tilings and wall cladding in a long narrow bathroom you can play with their arrangement. Create strips of tilings running along the length of the bathroom to increase the optical perception of depth and space. Choose light colors to further enhance the sense of space and mix them with contrasting colors to create exciting and fun visual effects. But avoid combining too many different colors and textures as this can reduce thesense of space.