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26Set 2016

Cersaie trade show in Bologna has started. We welcome you into our new stand designed by architect Daniela Vismara, in Hall 29 from now until 30 September.

18Lug 2016

The pleasure of having a shower at just the right temperature is priceless. But how many times you have been unable to regulate your mixer tap, and suffered being doused with jets of water that was either freezing or boiling, which turned what you had hoped would be a moment of relaxation into a losing battle with your mixer tap?

Temperature fluctuations in the shower

First of all let’s just point out that the “right” temperature for a shower is a very subjective factor. Most people like their water to be at body temperature, around 36°C. This usually goes up a few degrees in the winter to reach 38°C and it decreases during the hottest months, going down to 34°C or below.

Temperatures of above 40°C may cause some minor damage to the skin but also excessively lower the blood pressure of people who suffer from hypotension. A very simple system is now available, which is specially designed to overcome any difficulties in regulating the pressure and temperature of your shower water, so that you can have it at the perfect temperature.


A conditioning system for water

So how can you get the water at the right temperature without suffering the annoying whims of your boiler or immersion heater?

At Palazzani we have created Acqua Clima, as a genuine conditioning system for your shower.

It is easily installed, just like a normal mixer tap, and it keeps the water at whatever temperature you set it to.

Acqua Clima has several security systems:

  •  a device that stops the shower water from exceeding 38° centigrade so that burns are no longer a problem
  •  an anti burn system that is activated in the event that the supply of cold water stops for any reason

Acqua Clima is guaranteed, safe and environmentally friendly! There will be no more wasting of gallons of water while you try to regulate the temperature. You will also save on your water heating bills, while you enjoy the comfort and convenience of turning on the water and getting straight into the shower without having to test the temperature with your foot or hand before you get in.

Acqua Clima also leaves room for your imagination

If you have an Acqua Clima water conditioner installed you can experiment with different temperatures and types of shower, creating a whole ritual of well-being in your own bathroom:

  • cold shower: around 24/27 degrees. Perfect for stimulating the circulation in the morning. Your muscles will be energized by this sensation of freshness, but it is best not to prolong the shower for more than 2 or 3 minutes.
  •  lukewarm shower: between 25 and 30 degrees. Perfect for a relaxing effect before you go to bed at night.
  • hot shower: between 30 and 37 degrees. This type of shower is very relaxing for your muscles and for releasing the tensions of a long day’s work and a sports session.
  • Scottish shower. Thanks to Acqua Clima it is easy for you to have a Scottish shower by manuall switching from hot to cold settings every 30 seconds, for a toning and invigorating effect.
  • Japanese shower. Are you keen on the healthy practices of the far East? Put a towel on your shoulders so that the water does not strike your body directly. In this way the water will flow gently from the towel onto your body to produce a highly relaxing sensation.

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09Lug 2016
shower every day good or bad habit

Taking a shower every day is bad for you. Or is this just a unfounded myth? Today we will try to examine this issue as objectively as possible without bringing too much grist to our own mill.

Our skin is a delicate organ

The skin is the largest vital organ of our body and the one that is most in contact with the outside world. This is precisely why, for hygienic reasons or just to freshen up, we try to wash our hands and face several times a day, and many people choose to take at least one shower or bath every day. Is this wise, or may it be dangerous for the health of our skin?

It is not the shower or water in itself that can cause problems, as much as the products that we use to wash ourselves when we are under the shower. Most of them contain derivatives of petroleum, parabens (preservatives) and various chemical substances that can irritate and dry out the skin, depriving it of its natural protective layer of oils.

So what can we do to maintain the habit of showering every day without having unwanted and unpleasant problems that can affect the health of our skin?

  • Do not use too much hot water: thanks to our mixers and our Acqua Clima thermostatic water conditioning system you will not run this risk. Excessively hot water increases the chance of irritation, so try to use always pleasantly warm water with a temperature of around 30 degrees centigrade.
  • Use products for your personal hygiene that have a full INCI declaration of ingredients: you can now find products in every supermarket with an excellent INCI list of ingredients without having to spErrore. Riferimento a collegamento ipertestuale non valido.end a fortune. The best solution is represented by Eco-Bio organic products.
  • Apply a cosmetic face mask before getting into the shower. It is essential to combine the useful with the pleasurable when you don’t have much time, and a face pack will not only be better absorbed by your skin thanks to the heat of the shower but it will also protect you from any harsh chemicals in your shower gel.
  • Dry yourself gently: although it may be true that a good vigorous shower and drying off can help to wake you up in the morning, it will still be a shock to your skin. A good cotton towel or a soft bathrobe are ideal for drying yourself in a delicate way.

By following these few simple tips having a shower every day will not only do you good, but if you acquire a chromotherapy ormulti-functional shower, you will have a small beauty spa at your disposal every morning, thanks to this we are sure you will always start off the day on the right foot.

02Lug 2016
How to choose a washbasin for a large family

At the beginning of your relationship it was perhaps just the two of you in a one-bedroom flat, with a small designer bathroom that was always nice and clean and tidy but now your lives have taken a whole new direction and your family has grown, your house is bigger, and you have two or three bathrooms.

Every now and then you think with nostalgia about your nice little bathroom in that tiny flat. It was well-ordered and everything was chosen with care, with just the right design for the taps and fittings. Perhaps you ask yourself if a family bathroom must only be functional to the detriment of design?

Beauty versus utility

Let’s face it, many super-chic designer washbasins and sinks are not exactly functional, let alone easy for children to use or suitable for all those occasions in which a family bathroom is truly tested and “lived in”.

Beauty and elegance may seem to be fighting a losing battle against practicality but does this really mean that a washbasin has to be without any style or grace? For us at Palazzani the answer to this is a firm “no”! Today we wish to present you with a range of taps and fittings that can be perfect for a real family, with kids who queue up in the morning to use the bathroom and who do just about anything you can possibly imagine in the sink, whether it be bathing a doll, soaking their filthy sports kit, being taught how to brush their teeth properly or just washing their hands.

  • Top-mounted washbasin: our Umpa is extra-big and with a very high rim. It has an elegant and stylish design that perfectly matches taps and faucets of a classical as well as a modern design. It seems more than willing to welcome any dolls or toys that might want to use it as a swimming pool before the children finally use it to wash themselves.

great and beutiful design of washbasin Umpa

  • Built-in washbasin: Capri is not just a beautiful Mediterranean island but also the name of our range of built-in washbasin. Its wide sides help to keep the supporting surface dry and clean, while its broad form and welcoming design invite the members of the family to wash their hands together, without getting in each other’s way.
  • Wall-mounted washbasin: perhaps you have decided to have some free space under the sink for purposes of practicality, but you do not want to renounce a striking design? In this case Bella is just you were looking for. A wall-mounted sink that is large and deep with a linear and sleek form can be waiting for you at the end of the day to help you to wash your face, get your children to brush their teeth, and wish you a polite goodnight with its shiny ceramic gleam.

And so it seems that you don’t have to choose between an elegant design on the one hand, and convenience, functionality and a clever use of space on the other. Your new sink is already waiting for you at our dealers and it is ready to have a long and happy life together with your family, while always remaining as beautiful and shiny as ever.

11Mag 2016

The official tourist website of Corsica lists 10 good reasons to visit the country. The first of these is “because the weather is always fine”, due to the exceptional Mediterranean climate, with 300 days of sunshine a year.

Between the sea, sky and mountains

The island is very well connected to the Italian mainland by sea and by air, with ferries and fights on a daily basis, and you can practice a whole range of outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, sailing, mountaineering and swimming, in the most diverse natural surroundings.

Corsica also hosts numerous music festivals catering for every taste, including rock, swing and jazz, and a variety of other attractive cultural events are held there during the year. We want to give you yet another reason for going to this fascinating and beautiful island, a reason located in the bay of Ajaccio.


The name Ajaccio derives from the ancient Greek word “Agation” (good harbour). Located in the southernmost part of the gulf with the same name it has been a cultural destination for tourists for many centuries. This was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and it is often considered as the most French of all the cities in Corsica, although the old town has a more Italian atmosphere, with Genoese and Sardinian elements.

Until June all of the heady scents of Mediterranean scrubland, with hints of lavender, thyme and mint, waft down from the hills into the city, where they mingle with those of the sea and the wind.

Taps and bathroom fittings by Palazzani at the Radisson Blu Hotel

The Hotel Radison Blu Resort & Spa, stands in a splendid location on Ajaccio Bay. The colours of the sea pervades the rooms and the far edge of the outdoor swimming pool merges directly with the blue sea beyond.

At Palazzani we are proud to have been selected to provide the taps and bathroom fittings of this hotel within easy walking distance of Agosta Beach and the sea, where calm and peace reign supreme and where you can be rejuvenated and revitalized by a long weekend, on the beach and in the Hotel’s luxurious spa facilities.

With breakfasts immersed in the scents of sea-salt and myrtle and romantic dinners with a view overlooking the sea, everything seems to be possible in this enchanting location that, thanks to our taps and fittings, now has a bit of added Made in Italy style that will make your holiday experience even more unique and unforgettable.

10Mag 2016
rubinetto a parete

Inspired by an article by Simona Nurcato on her blog, Bagni dal Mondo we wish to tell you about a style choice that might seem to be influenced by a rather unusual personal taste, but  that also seems due to become one of the most popular trends for the bathroom in 2016: the wall-mounted tap

From Versailles to the bathroom of your own home

You may well have seen photos of the taps and fittings of Palazzani in the Trianon Palace Hotel in Versailles. The white marble wall facings behind the washstands with their built-in washbasins create an elegant setting with clear-cut and distinct lines, with a touch of the vintage Provencal bathroom.

Photo Credits: Trianon Palace Versailles

Photo Credits: Trianon Palace Versailles

The taps that were chosen for this hotel belonged to the Formula series, which is based on the classic four-pointed tap shape but which renews it with a modern and simple appeal. Depending on the line of wall-mounted taps you prefer you can give your bathroom a more modern and linear look, choosing between bolder or softer more classic lines, inspired by the bathrooms of our grandparents.

So will this be one of the most popular styles in 2016? After the short lived enthusiasm for shabby chic the colours of nature and natural materials have become the new protagonists and now slate, wood, pebbles and mosaics in all the colours of the forest are the elements that fill the pages of bathroom decor magazines and the trade shows that are held all around the world.

Practicality and elegance

The practicality of a wall-mounted faucet cannot be disputed, as it is easier to clean and makes more space available compared to a standard tap or mixer mounted on a sink. But this is not all, as it also gives you a greater freedom of choice in terms of the supporting washstand and the kind of decoration you wish to adopt. Whether you opt for tiles or marble, brass or concrete, you have a whole world of options and a broad range of possible combinations.

The elegance of a such a particular choice is also indisputable: in fact one often finds wall-mounted taps in spas, steam-baths or hammams, and in the most sumptuous suites of luxury hotels. The structure and shape of wall-mounted taps is reminiscent of the classic spouts in the walls of ancient Greek wash-houses or Roman baths, and they thus represent the continuation of the glorious history of the most prestigious bathhouses of the past.

rubinetto a parete

29Apr 2016

The tap or faucet is an essential element of the bathroom, but with a thousand different designs and prices how can you choose the right one for your bathroom? We will now point out some important details for you: considerations that are often overlooked when choosing this essential item for the bathroom.

1.Know your water pressure

In order to obtain a good strong flow of water from your taps it is essential for the water pressure to be sufficient. Check this factor before choosing any particular tap, or have it measured by your plumber. In fact mixers and wall-mounted taps require a good deal more water pressure than two separate taps mounted directly on the washbasin

2.Measure the hole in the washbasin or washstand

It may seem a rather obvious suggestion but before choosing a mixer it is always a good  idea to carefully measure the size of the hole (for housing the water-pipe and tap) in your  washbasin or washstand and to measure both holes (for hot and cold taps) before choosing  the appropriate faucets.

5 rules to choose the perfect faucet for your bathroom

3. Choose the right style for you

What came first… the chicken or the egg? There is no correct answer to this question, and it amounts to much the same thing as asking: Should I choose the type of faucet according to the style of the bathroom or the style of the bathroom according to the type of faucet that I want? The important thing is to either choose something that is in tune with the other fittings in the bathroom or that represents a total break or contrast with them. In such cases the attempt to find a compromise solution usually does not work.

4. Find out what the tap is made of

As we have already pointed out the taps of Palazzani are made of top quality materials: brass and chrome with a thickness of at least 20 microns are our greatest pride.

5 rules to choose the perfect faucet for your bathroom

5. Decide the finish

The finish of your tap is of prime importance, and it may consist of colored lacquer or chrome, either polished to a brilliant shine or satin brushed. Make sure that chrome plating is sufficiently thick and that the highest quality materials have been used. When you clean your taps you should never use aggressive detergents that can ruin the chrome finish.

Now that you have a few precise technical indications to guide you in choosing your tap, you can give free rein to your imagination. In our catalogue you will certainly find the faucet or tap of your dreams, in a style that perfectly matches that of your ideal bathroom.