checklist to help you easily find your perfect taps

When we talk about design we often hope we don’t sound too ignorant, because we don’t really understand this world that is attractive and appealing but that is also a little intimidating to the uninitiated.

After all, how many times have we found themselves confronted with innovative objects with strange and extravagant forms that sometimes fascinate us but other times, to be perfectly honest, leave us totally mystified?

Italy is at the forefront of the sector design, thanks to a long history of good taste, traditions, and the sense of beauty that Italians seem to have in their very DNA.

Everything is design, even a tap

The world of today is dominated by design, from the most everyday household objects and appliances to our smart phones, furniture and cars. Also in your choice of taps and faucets for the bathroom or the kitchen, you can fall in love at first sight with their interesting proportions and striking style. But how can be we really sure that an elegant design is compatible with genuine functionality?

The taps and bathroom fittings made by Palazzani are certainly a guarantee in this sense, as the goal we try to achieve every time we design a tap is that of creating a perfect combination of beauty and convenience, blending comfort and ease of use with innovative shapes. This is not always an easy task, as the design of a tap has to take a whole range of different factors into account.

3 simple way to help you choosing the perfect tap

How to choose a good tap or faucet

Good design is not the only factor when we are choosing a faucet, but usability and integration with the rest of the bathroom also have to be carefully considered. As far as practicality is concerned:

  1.  A tap must be easy and straightforward to use. This may seem perfectly obvious, but at some time or other you have certainly found yourself in the bathroom of a restaurant or at a friend’s house staring at a faucet utterly unable to figure out how to turn it on or off.
  2. A tap must have precise control. Once you have managed to turn the faucet on the problem is often that water splashes everywhere, so that as well as washing your hands you end up flooding the washstand and the floor or soaking your clothes.
  3.  A tap must be easy to clean. Materials that are too delicate, shapes that are too complicated and poor quality chrome plating are all elements that can make it difficult to clean a faucet properly.

Then the various factors more closely related to design have to be to examined, as a tap must be well integrated with the style of the bathroom. For this reason it is always a good idea to decide straight away what kind of look your bathroom will have. There are many possible themes and variations, such as classic, elegant, baroque, French, country or shabby chic.

Once you have made the choice of your style you need to choose the right ceramic fittings and faucets to match. But here you must pay careful attention, as the faucet you have fallen in love with must be perfectly integrated with the wash basin and before you buy it you should make sure that there is enough room to easily and comfortably move your hands between the spout of the tap and the sink and between the tap and the wall or cabinet behind it.

A tap is therefore part of a much wider world than may seem to be the case at first glance and there are often many years of work and study behind each of our creations, followed by months of trials and testing before it can become the Palazzani tap that proudly shines out in your bathroom or your kitchen.