Growing plants in the bathroom - Palazzani rubinetterie

We know that not everybody has green fingers, but thanks to these handy tips even those who have less of a talent for gardening can finally decorate their bathroom, which is certainly one of the most important rooms in the house, with plants.

A new design trend: an explosion of greenery

Over the last few few years, thanks to Pinterest and many blogs dedicated to home décor and bathrooms, it has become easy to have access to see a wide range of pictures of bathrooms all around the world and to get ideas and inspiration from them. A striking feature that crops up is the frequent use of house plants as decorative elements.

come arredare il bagno con le piante

Putting plants in the bathroom is a great choice, as they are attractive and ornamental and they give a fresh atmosphere to the room, making it look well cared for and rather sophisticated. But not all plants are very suitable for a damp bathroom environment, where moisture and water vapour is constantly released from the shower and the bathtub.

Which plants are suitable for the bathroom?

Whether you want a wild jungle effect or you choose to have a more refined and minimalistic look, some plants are much better suited for putting in the bathroom:

  • Ficus: Have you ever thought how nice a small indoor ficus tree would look in the bathroom? As this is a plant with tropical origins it is perfect for a warm and moist bathroom environment. In addition, if it is combined with décor in a colonial style you can obtain a look reminiscent of movies such as “Out of Africa” and that is sure to make a big impression.

  • Fern: If they are not allowed to grow to a unmanageable size ferns are perfect for adorning bathroomshelves and for placing on top of cabinets.

  • come arredare il bagno con le piantePhilodendron: If you have a small bathroom a philodendron may not be the best option, as its broad leaves can occupy a lot of space. But if you have a large enough bathroom and if you want to create the effect of a “full immersion in nature” it is the perfect solution.
  • Ivy: This is a perfect choice of plant even for a smaller bathroom and it creates an attractive vintagebelle époque atmosphere. You can hang ivy from the ceiling or even use it as a sort of curtain by hanging it in front of a window where it will also get all the daylight it needs
  • Aloe vera: If you like a minimalist style and simple forms then an aloe vera plant is what you need for your bathroom. You can also put them in little jars and attach them to the wall where they will look likenatural artworks.
  • come arredare il bagno con le pianteCacti: Who can fail to love succulent plants and cacti? They are perfect for the bathroom and require minimal maintenance. But if they are particularly spiny and prickly you will of course have to be careful to place them out of the way in the nooks and crannies of the room because no one would want to bump into them getting out of the shower!

    Orchids: The humidity of the bathroom is perfect for orchids but you must care for them very well, asthey are much more delicate plants than the others on our list. An orchid will give your bathroom an oriental or Japanese look, and it is perfect for a setting with dark tiles, simple shapes and clear lines.