How to choose a washbasin for a large family

At the beginning of your relationship it was perhaps just the two of you in a one-bedroom flat, with a small designer bathroom that was always nice and clean and tidy but now your lives have taken a whole new direction and your family has grown, your house is bigger, and you have two or three bathrooms.

Every now and then you think with nostalgia about your nice little bathroom in that tiny flat. It was well-ordered and everything was chosen with care, with just the right design for the taps and fittings. Perhaps you ask yourself if a family bathroom must only be functional to the detriment of design?

Beauty versus utility

Let’s face it, many super-chic designer washbasins and sinks are not exactly functional, let alone easy for children to use or suitable for all those occasions in which a family bathroom is truly tested and “lived in”.

Beauty and elegance may seem to be fighting a losing battle against practicality but does this really mean that a washbasin has to be without any style or grace? For us at Palazzani the answer to this is a firm “no”! Today we wish to present you with a range of taps and fittings that can be perfect for a real family, with kids who queue up in the morning to use the bathroom and who do just about anything you can possibly imagine in the sink, whether it be bathing a doll, soaking their filthy sports kit, being taught how to brush their teeth properly or just washing their hands.

  • Top-mounted washbasin: our Umpa is extra-big and with a very high rim. It has an elegant and stylish design that perfectly matches taps and faucets of a classical as well as a modern design. It seems more than willing to welcome any dolls or toys that might want to use it as a swimming pool before the children finally use it to wash themselves.

great and beutiful design of washbasin Umpa

  • Built-in washbasin: Capri is not just a beautiful Mediterranean island but also the name of our range of built-in washbasin. Its wide sides help to keep the supporting surface dry and clean, while its broad form and welcoming design invite the members of the family to wash their hands together, without getting in each other’s way.
  • Wall-mounted washbasin: perhaps you have decided to have some free space under the sink for purposes of practicality, but you do not want to renounce a striking design? In this case Bella is just you were looking for. A wall-mounted sink that is large and deep with a linear and sleek form can be waiting for you at the end of the day to help you to wash your face, get your children to brush their teeth, and wish you a polite goodnight with its shiny ceramic gleam.

And so it seems that you don’t have to choose between an elegant design on the one hand, and convenience, functionality and a clever use of space on the other. Your new sink is already waiting for you at our dealers and it is ready to have a long and happy life together with your family, while always remaining as beautiful and shiny as ever.