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If you are having to contend with a small house and bathroom you know what we mean when we say “space saving”. The bathroom is one of a house’s essential and indispensable areas, optimizing and organizing its space is essential, especially if there’s not much of it. Here are some ideas and advice to make your little bathroom become a tidy little jewel box.

When there isn’t enough room

It’s not just a question of meters or, as in this case, centimeters. The smallest house in the world is 92cm long. Yes, you read it right, centimeters. Compared to that measurement your 1m x 3m bathroom should be seen under a different light.

Whether your bathroom has a square or rectangular floor is of little difference, here are the tricks you can use to make the most efficient use of your space and have a classy modern bathroom.

Foto credits

Foto credits

  • choose transparent materials that give a sense of freedom: in a small bathroom, glass and mirrors are mandatory
  • use fixtures that are wall hung, not just the main units. Toilet roll holders, shelving, lights should leave free space and be removed from the floor surface.
  • place the sink in a corner: choose a small one such as Digit. This way you can have a designer bathroom but you’ll also save some space along its length.


  • have a shower instead of a bathtub: there are more varied sizes and you can have a spa at home if you choose a chromotherapy shower, even in a small space.
  • heating: heating fixtures that can be used as towel racks are perfect for a small bathroom as they serve two purposes
  • decisive colors: total black or white, a small bathroom doesn’t need half-measures or prints because they could make it seem smaller
  • designer taps: in a small bathroom it is better to choose small size taps from a modern range, such as Mimo

We are certain that by following our recommendations your small bathroom will be practical and functional without losing the touch of class every bathroom deserves.