MIS Color: taps that take their colors from the seabed

When you are restoring your bathroom or installing a new one the first thing you think of is the color scheme. Whether you have tiled or painted walls, a wooden or lino floor, what colors will be predominant in the most private and most relaxing room in your house?

Bathroom design trends in 2015: the explosion of nature

One of the leading new trends in bathroom design in 2015 has been the use of natural colors, above all those of the sea, for walls and floors. These range from watery green, deep blue and turquoise to sandy yellow hues, the reds and pinks of coral and the dark shades of rock on volcanic islands.Palazzani-MIS-nuove-finiture730-730x487


Tiles, wallpaper and furnishings have been suffused with these colors that enliven and illuminate bathrooms with their bright tones.

But what about taps and faucets? Usually limited to shiny chrome or the combination of steel and gold, they have never enjoyed such rich and varied colors. But now things have changed, with the birth of MIS Color, a colorful chrome faucet with a clean and elegant shape that perfectly matches any bathroom, whether it has a classic style or a younger and more contemporary look.

MIS Color: a range of colorful taps

Green, orange, white or black: four colors to suit the different requirements of every type of bathroom furniture. So where did the idea come from for a faucet that is colorful but that also has a high quality design and a chrome finish? MIS Color comes from the colors of nature: the orange of corals and starfish, the anthracite black of rocks, the green of seaweed and the white of sea foam.

MIS Color runinetterie colorate e cromate

Whether you prefer separate hot and cold taps or find the mixer tap more practical and convenient you will find the best solution for your bathroom and your own personal tastes. Perhaps you are already thinking: “What about cleaning them? They must be really fragile!” but you needn’t worry about that because, like all our taps, the made in Italy MIS Color range meets the highest standards of quality and manufacture.

These sturdy taps and faucets certainly do not break after a few months of use. You can count on them to be the most reliable feature of your bathroom, while your family members jostle each other as they rush to brush their teeth, get washed or shave. The MIS Color taps will always be there for you, in good working order, enlivening your daily routines with their bright and unusual colors.