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We’ve spoken about classical and stylish bathrooms in this article but do you prefer a modern bathroom? We tell you which mistakes not to make and which guidelines to follow in furnishing a modern bathroom, rich in style and class.

Modern bathroom: which colors?

When you find yourself furnishing or refurbishing a bathroom in a modern style there are a thousand details to take into account. Which tiles to choose? Which fittings would be best? Which faucets would give a “wow” effect when our guests walk in? Whether it’s a small or a very big bathroom, there is wisdom and there are suggestions to follow, if modern style and design is your passion.

  1. No to dark colors: total black and dark brown have become obsolete and aren’t very suitable with this year’s trends. Bright colors, total white, pale colors from sand to clay. They bring nature and cleanliness to mind.
  2. Hanging fixtures: if your bathroom is modern and your pluming allows choose hanging fixtures. They are more elegant, modern and impressive as well as being more practical.
  3. Designer faucets: with our linea Design you’ve an embarrassment of choice! Choose your preferred faucet in a chrome finish that lends even more light and class to your modern bathroom!
  4. Clean lines: from faucet to shelves, undersink cabinets to accessories. Less is more. Decisive and clean lines, no swirls, no to curls and overly contorted shapes.
  5. Bright or mosaic tiles: a proper return to bathrooms from the 60s and 70s with white shiny rectangular tiling or opaque mosaic walls, tone-on-tone or contrasting colors.
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A guide to choosing a faucet for the modern bathroom

You’ve found out that it is the year of white and natural colors, you can therefore be bolder with your choice of faucet for this modern style.

In our Design line we have varied choices for a modern bathroom, find them with us.

  • MIS: soft but decisive lines, in several versions including long spout and wall attachment. MIS has several finishes, including colored with the MIS Color version but in this case we suggest classic chrome for an even cleaner effect.
  • Click: design by Antonio Bullo, unique and unmistakable shape, basic capturing lines.
  • Idrotech: a modern classic great. Its round and soft shape is perfect when put together with a sink with modern and decisive lines.