Essential oils: which one is right for a aromatic bath? - Palazzani rubinetterie

A nice hot bath or shower can turn into a proper healing session. How? Thanks to essential oils. Selecting the right oil can actually remedy several ailments: from a headache to a cold, from stress to insomnia. Not all essential oils can do the job though, let’s have a look at which ones to choose.

Essential oils, what they are

Essential oils are liquids that are extracted and refined from aromatic plants. They exist in the flower, skin, and leaves and aren’t really oils as we would normally consider. Why do they have an effect on our mood or wellbeing? Because, through direct inhalation, the scented molecules reach our brain. They can then trigger more, or less, pleasurable sensations, depending on the essential oil’s actual aroma.

An essential oil’s aroma can be activated in several ways:

  • air diffusion
  • aromatic baths
  • vaporizing
  • saunas

When bathing at home the more practical options are air diffusion or aromatic bath.

By using a ceramic or glass diffuser with a candle, the essential oil releases an aroma that spreads around the bathroom and also creates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere thanks to the light from the candle. It is also perfect for those who prefer to shower or don’t have a bathtub they can use.

An aromatic bath makes the essence linger for longer on the skin and allows further enjoyment of the perks of having a bath

oli essenziali per il bagno

An essential oil for every ailment

There’s an essential oil for almost every ailment and circumstance and the list is almost endless. How to get the most out of your healing session? If you choose a bath then fill the tub with hot water around 36/38 degrees. If you have a thermostatic mixer such as

Acqua Clima then this won’t be a problem, otherwise use a thermometer. Heat is important for releasing all the oil’s beneficial essence. In a spoonful of vegetable oil (almond oil for example) dissolve 5/6 drops of the essential oil you require:

  • relaxing: there are many essential oil with relaxing properties. Lavender, camomile, mandarin, geranium, orange or rose are the easiest to find. You can even mix them up and make a unique fragrance that reflects you
  • energizing: a hard day done and a big evening still ahead. A nice energizing bath is ideal. Use grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus or rosemary.
  • recovering: after a workout or a day on your feet you will definitely need cypress essential oil. It also works really well against cellulite because it has a toning effect on microcirculation.
  • against insomnia: struggle to fall asleep and wake up frequently at night? Essential oil of marjoram can race to your aid.

The same oils can be used in a diffuser while having a lovely shower, maybe take a longer one and take in more of those aromas and properties from these partners to our wellbeing.