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When it comes to the bathroom, the world has been divided into two factions since forever: bathtub or shower. In the last few years, the shower has become more and more popular. More practical, more eco-friendly, it takes up less space. But bathtub aficionados still exist. Let’s find out together the pros and cons of this fixture.

A brief history of the bathtub

The bathtub is, together with the sink, the oldest element that still inhabits our bathrooms. The Greeks and the Romans already used bathtubs but, at the time, they could weigh up to 25 kg! Not very practical nor easy to use then, and even harder to keep clean. The wooden bathtub became popular in the Middle Ages, but it can be found still today in many bathrooms in the Middle East.

We now have bathtubs with different shapes and materials, from ceramic to wood, from Corian®, like our Avi, to glass. In addition to the materials, nowadays the shapes vary as well: rectangular, square, round or angular. There’s almost no end to imagination when it comes to bathtubs.

Why choose a bathtub

One of the pros of the bathtub is definitely the relaxation. There are only few things that can replace a nice hot bath, perhaps accompanied by a good book and a couple of scented candles. The bathtub even offers some non-negligible benefits for our health:

  • soaking for an extended amount of time in hot water causes the pores to dilate and promotes the absorption of the cosmetic products that are applied after the bath, but also of those that have been dissolved in the water.

  • the contact with water is less aggressive compared with the shower

  • muscles relax thanks to the heat and tensions release

  • we can spend half an hour relaxing and taking care of ourselves with no interruptions

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When to favor the shower over the bathtub

The bathtub is definitely more suitable for a spacious bathroom that has a window. Small, windowless bathrooms can house roomy and multi-functional showers, even a nice chromatic shower, but the luxury of the bathtub is not advised for this type of bathrooms.

Cleaning a bathtub takes more time compared to a shower and using the right products, especially for bathtubs made with synthetic materials, is necessary.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, soaking in a bathtub full of warm water can cause unpleasant drops in blood pressure.

What kind of bathtub is the most suitable for my bathroom?

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Now that all the doubts have been cleared up, you’ve made your choice, you want a bathtub in your bathroom. Yes, but which one? For a long and narrow bathroom, you can pick a rectangular bathtub to put along the wall, or a small square one to put under the window.

Are you lucky enough to have a large, square bathroom? Then a nice angular bathtub could be the one for you, or you could be even more daring. Choose a free-standing bathtub like our Avi. Our bathtub is made of Corian® and glass, it combines a unique design with unique features:

  • an inclined backrest to relax your back as best as possible

  • a sliding book-stand on which you can set down whatever you need to relax: a scented candle, a glass of wine or an essential oil

What kind of faucets and fittings can you match it with? Avi has sharp and modern lines, but very elegant. The perfect faucet for it is Track, in the free-standing version, just like we picked for our Cersaie stand.