How to choose a multifunctional shower

Once you have found the home of your dreams, resolved all your initial perplexities in choosing the overall style and the furniture for every room, you have to deal with the

bathroom where you are faced with the age-old dilemma: a bath or a shower?

This is not just a problem that concerns the amount of space available, above all it’s a question of the different kind of character that distinguishes shower enthusiasts from people who prefer lounging in the bathtub. But we may just have found the perfect solution for everyone: the multifunctional shower.

The multifunctional shower: relaxation and well-being

The shower is normally synonymous with practicality, freshness, instant cleanliness and ease of use, while the bathtub is generally associated with long lazy hours spent relaxing in warm water, perhaps even while reading a good book.

doccia con soffione quadrato di Palazzani

Over the last few years these concepts have however been completely overturned and with the advent of multifunctional and chromotherapy showers the shower has become a genuine means of relaxation, like a miniature beauty farm in the home.

There are several types of multi-functional shower and we have created some that are truly outstanding as regards their elegance and design. They do not only feature the usual classic chrome-plated elements, as we have also decided to apply white ceramic, in order to create a unique design with a special visual impact.

Well-being with its roots in history

What is the real use of a multi-jet shower? One of the most popular treatments that these kinds of showers can provide is certainly the Scottish shower.

This is a very old technique that helps to encourage both microcirculation in the body and the drainage of fluids. It is important both for preventing and treating aesthetic problems such as cellulite, as well as for increasing the user’s energy levels. It consists in a rapid alternation of jets of cold and hot water, the temperature of which is gradually increased, directed onto the parts of the body that one wishes to stimulate or “reawaken”.

Thanks to the positioning of the jets in the lumbar and scapular areas of the back, the multifunctional showers of Palazzani represent a wonderfully soothing continuation of this ancient Scottish tradition. The single or double nozzle versions, made of ceramic or with chrome plating, can also be combined with chromotherapy shower-heads to create a space for total relaxation and well-being in the comfort of your own home.