How to choose the faucet for the kitchen - Palazzani rubinetterie

Care and consideration should be taken when choosing a kitchen mixer faucet. Think on how many times the kitchen sink faucet is opened and closed while you cook. You can’t count the times, right? When your hands are covered in flour, while holding the pasta strainer or a saucepan. Let’s take a look at how to make the best choice for your kitchen.

Mixer or classic faucet?

Is your kitchen’s style classic and shabby or is it more modern and linear? In this case it doesn’t really matter. There are beautiful faucets and mixers that can easily suit your style, such as Adams or Track. The question you should be asking is: which of the two would be handier for my kitchen?

A mixer can be conveniently opened, even with your hands full, using just a light touch.


Pull-down or fixed sprayer?

If you have a wide and deep sink you can choose a mixer with pull-down sprayer. It’s very convenient when washing vegetables or cleaning the kitchen and allows you to move it around as you please. However, a fixed mixer is ideal for a double sink, for example, because it can be easily swung for use in either sink. Before making a choice here too, you should consider how you cook and how you normally move around in your kitchen.

Chrome or color?

This is a totally personal issue that has little to do with functionality. Our faucets are all made out of materials and chroming that are durable, whether polished or satin, chrome or colored. Cleaning is a simple matter of using non-corrosive cleaners and a soft non-abrasive sponge or you can follow advice on ecological and unaggressive cleaning.

come scegliere il rubinetto per la cucina

Has our advice been useful? We hope so, and we give one last piece of advice: when visiting your vendor and choosing your kitchen faucets, pretend to be cooking, go over the movements you would make in your kitchen, from washing vegetables to washing your hands. This is the only way you will get a quick feel for your ideal faucet.