Taking a shower every day is bad or good habit?

Taking a shower every day is bad for you. Or is this just a unfounded myth? Today we will try to examine this issue as objectively as possible without bringing too much grist to our own mill.

Our skin is a delicate organ

The skin is the largest vital organ of our body and the one that is most in contact with the outside world. This is precisely why, for hygienic reasons or just to freshen up, we try to wash our hands and face several times a day, and many people choose to take at least one shower or bath every day. Is this wise, or may it be dangerous for the health of our skin?

It is not the shower or water in itself that can cause problems, as much as the products that we use to wash ourselves when we are under the shower. Most of them contain derivatives of petroleum, parabens (preservatives) and various chemical substances that can irritate and dry out the skin, depriving it of its natural protective layer of oils.

So what can we do to maintain the habit of showering every day without having unwanted and unpleasant problems that can affect the health of our skin?

  • Do not use too much hot water: thanks to our mixers and our Acqua Clima thermostatic water conditioning system you will not run this risk. Excessively hot water increases the chance of irritation, so try to use always pleasantly warm water with a temperature of around 30 degrees centigrade.
  • Use products for your personal hygiene that have a full INCI declaration of ingredients: you can now find products in every supermarket with an excellent INCI list of ingredients without having to spErrore. Riferimento a collegamento ipertestuale non valido.end a fortune. The best solution is represented by Eco-Bio organic products.
  • Apply a cosmetic face mask before getting into the shower. It is essential to combine the useful with the pleasurable when you don’t have much time, and a face pack will not only be better absorbed by your skin thanks to the heat of the shower but it will also protect you from any harsh chemicals in your shower gel.
  • Dry yourself gently: although it may be true that a good vigorous shower and drying off can help to wake you up in the morning, it will still be a shock to your skin. A good cotton towel or a soft bathrobe are ideal for drying yourself in a delicate way.

By following these few simple tips having a shower every day will not only do you good, but if you acquire a chromotherapy ormulti-functional shower, you will have a small beauty spa at your disposal every morning, thanks to this we are sure you will always start off the day on the right foot.