Wall-mounted or free-standing sanitary fixture

When planning or renovating a bathroom there’s an essential choice than needs to be made, both at the aesthetic and functional level. Wall-mounted or free-standing sanitary fixtures? Thanks to the evolution of design, the selection is very wide and deciding what to pick is getting harder and harder.

Choosing sanitary fixtures does not depend solely on taste and aesthetic, but also on the characteristics and the shape of the bathroom.

Wall-mounted or free-standing sanitary fixtures: which ones to pick and why

The sanitary fixtures, unlike the other elements of the bathroom, need to be selected when planning the bathroom because the plumbing needs to be adjusted accordingly. This is easier for new bathrooms, while in case of old bathrooms that need to be renovated, the choice will be a bit forced so picking free-standing fixtures might be the only possibility.

Free-standing sanitary fixtures: characteristics, strong and weak points

The free-standing sanitary fixtures are and have always been the most common. The reason is simple: most of the houses that have not been built recently have floor plumbing. In this case, the choice is obvious and it is often impossible to modify the plumbing to fit a wall-mounted fixture. One of the strong points of free-standing fixtures is that they are very common so plumbers and construction workers won’t have any trouble installing them.

A disadvantage of free-standing fixtures is that they take up space, more than wall-mounted ones, and they make the cleaning process a little harder since the wall is so close.

Wall-mounted sanitary fixtures: why choose them

In newly built bathrooms, finding plumbing suitable for wall-mounted fixtures is easy. Nice-looking and designer, they often go well with a modern and minimalist décor. They offer many advantages, the first of which is definitely the practicality. With wall-mounted fixtures, cleaning is easier and they are also quieter since the plumbing is in the wall and not the floor.

On the other hand, wall-mounted fixtures require a wall mount (that needs to be at least 12 cm) and often the installation of a fake wall, that can support the weight that is placed on toilets and bidets.

Toilets and bidets: the best models

Now that you know everything about wall-mounted and free-standing sanitary fixtures, it’s time to pick!

Kapa is a line of free-standing fixtures both innovative and surprising. They suit even small bathrooms and they are practical and time-less.

KAPA sanitari a terra

Lap has modern and rounded lines, soft and clean. If you have a modern bathroom, it’s the free-standing fixture perfect for you.

LAP sanitari a terra
Pal stands out among the wall-mounted fixtures due to its squared shape. All the convenience of wall-mounted fixtures, with a time-less design.

PAL sanitari sospesi