You have to choose a wall-mounted tap for you own bathroom

Inspired by an article by Simona Nurcato on her blog, Bagni dal Mondo we wish to tell you about a style choice that might seem to be influenced by a rather unusual personal taste, but  that also seems due to become one of the most popular trends for the bathroom in 2016: the wall-mounted tap

From Versailles to the bathroom of your own home

You may well have seen photos of the taps and fittings of Palazzani in the Trianon Palace Hotel in Versailles. The white marble wall facings behind the washstands with their built-in washbasins create an elegant setting with clear-cut and distinct lines, with a touch of the vintage Provencal bathroom.

Photo Credits: Trianon Palace Versailles

Photo Credits: Trianon Palace Versailles

The taps that were chosen for this hotel belonged to the Formula series, which is based on the classic four-pointed tap shape but which renews it with a modern and simple appeal. Depending on the line of wall-mounted taps you prefer you can give your bathroom a more modern and linear look, choosing between bolder or softer more classic lines, inspired by the bathrooms of our grandparents.

So will this be one of the most popular styles in 2016? After the short lived enthusiasm for shabby chic the colours of nature and natural materials have become the new protagonists and now slate, wood, pebbles and mosaics in all the colours of the forest are the elements that fill the pages of bathroom decor magazines and the trade shows that are held all around the world.

Practicality and elegance

The practicality of a wall-mounted faucet cannot be disputed, as it is easier to clean and makes more space available compared to a standard tap or mixer mounted on a sink. But this is not all, as it also gives you a greater freedom of choice in terms of the supporting washstand and the kind of decoration you wish to adopt. Whether you opt for tiles or marble, brass or concrete, you have a whole world of options and a broad range of possible combinations.

The elegance of a such a particular choice is also indisputable: in fact one often finds wall-mounted taps in spas, steam-baths or hammams, and in the most sumptuous suites of luxury hotels. The structure and shape of wall-mounted taps is reminiscent of the classic spouts in the walls of ancient Greek wash-houses or Roman baths, and they thus represent the continuation of the glorious history of the most prestigious bathhouses of the past.

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